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Life as a Wedding Photographer

In September 2020, I moved from France to start a new life in England, precisely in London.

I lived in a family as an au pair for about a year, until I found a job as a wedding Photographer for a company. It is the reason that made me move to Chesterfield, Derbyshire. I started working for this company, having about three weddings a week, editing the photos and starting again the following week.

I am not going to lie, these few months in this company were exhausting because the pace was intense. But it was incredible to see happiness on all these people's faces. After years of wait, they were finally getting married and I was there to celebrate the best day of their life!

Of course, there were a few issues because every wedding can not be perfect all the time. But when you meet an incredibly nice couple and the whole day goes so smoothly that you don't even want to leave, it erases all the bad days you could have had before. It makes the stress go away and you end up simply enjoying every moment.

As a wedding photographer, I am there from the bridal prep to the first dance, following the couple all along and making sure I'd capture every single detail so they could look at the photos in ten years and remember everything.

I try my best to be as invisible as possible to not take too much space and give the best experience to the couple and the guests.

Being a wedding photographer is to me a wonderful moment to live. It includes a lot of responsabilities, but at the end of the day it just feels amazing to see a couple happy.

If you are getting married soon and you'd love a photographer who takes candids shots, contact me now because I would love to help you create and save all these soon to be memories!


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